Carryminati Is Back with Yaalgaar Video

As you read title Carryminati has uploaded a new video name as “Yaalgaar”. Here is the video.



As we all know from Past few months there is war going on between Youtube and Tiktok on every social media platfroms. This war has gone on to next level after Carryminati uploaded video on youtube name as YOUTUBE VS TIKTOK:THE END.

This video was so much loved by everyone but later on it was removed by youtube saying ” That Video has been removed for violating youtube’s policy on harassment and bullying”.



After removal of video the war is step to the next level and lots of other youtube creators come into support of carryminati. They uploades video in order to support carryminati.


For those who don’t know who is carryminati?

Carryminati is a name of Youtube channel which is running by Ajey Nagar.

As before mentined few days back he has published a video in which he was roasting Amir Siddiqui for his IGTV video.

Amir Siddiqui is a Tiktor he has uploaded IGTV video on his instagram.

That video of Carryminatti was near to break record of most Non-Music video viewed on Youtube and comes into limelight but later on that video was baned by youtube.


Amir siddiqui’s IGTV video



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